Great news: I have been tasked with upgrading our media workflow.

With that, IIL Media has purchased a new server: The ProMAX Platform Studio.

As Head of Post Production, I feel like I have come out of the desert at long last. A server that will connect my two Avid’s and 6 producers’ laptops into one place.

Feel the joy, people!!!!!

Our current process creates a bit of redundancy. For example, a project is shot in the XDCAM format, backed up to an external hard drive, then the dailies are made available for screening and logging the same day.

The new plan is to archive dailies to a USB drive which is plugged into the ProMAX server. Producers will then be able to screen their dailies on the network and create their edit, plan a little B-roll, some music and long, dramatic dissolves… then it’s off for approval.

Senior managers and producers can view the rough cut and provide feedback and changes in a “watch folder.” The contents of the folder consist of encoded H264’s for posting.

In the past, we were using “sneaker net” (editor slang for distributing data by foot) to load cards onto portable drives and run them across the hall to the producers to log and create their rough edit plans. As you can image, there was a lot of overlap of footage and redundancy.

As I am writing this blog, my fearless IT team is wiring our offices with lots of cabling. It’s happening, people! No more data spread over countless drives whose location is only known to an anointed few.

So, let me keep this short and sweet. I dare say I am very amped up for this new workflow since we move a large volume of video at IIL Media.

Stay tuned. I will continue posting as the journey continues…let’s see what happens.

Ross B. Boughton
Senior Editor, Post Production, IIL Media